Beatty Brown (Beatty Apache Brown)

Beatty Brown (Beatty Apache Brown) 

Origin: Beatty – Download Quarry Map

Beatty Brown can vary in shade, ranging from light tan to deep, earthy brown. Scattered throughout the brown landscape rock, you’ll find occasional white tones providing a striking contrast against the brown background. The white tones can create visual interest and break up the monotony of the brown color.

3" Minus
2" Minus
1" Minus
1/4" Minus
1/2" Minus
1/2" Screened
1" Screened
2" Screened
Small Rip Rap (~1-3")
Medium Rip Rap (~3-8")

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Images for demonstration purposes only. This is a natural product from the mountain, sizes and colors may vary load to load. Each load will vary in weight due to what truck is available. Rock Pros will not take responsibility for variations in either of these.