Apache Red

Apache Red

Origin: Silverbell –  Download Quarry Map

Apache Red is know for its’ bold and eye-catching red color. This red hue is often vivid and intense, resembling the warm and earthy tones of the American Southwest. It can vary in shade from deep terracotta to bright crimson, adding a fiery and striking presence to outdoor spaces.

3" Minus
1" Minus
1/4" Minus
1/2" Minus
⅜" Screened
1/2" Screened
1" Screened
Small Rip Rap (~1-3")
Medium Rip Rap (~3-8")
2 MM

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Images for demonstration purposes only. This is a natural product from the mountain, sizes and colors may vary load to load. Each load will vary in weight due to what truck is available. Rock Pros will not take responsibility for variations in either of these.